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nationally some 43 million people were expected to travel 50 miles or more between wednesday and tonight. while more of them were expected to drive than fly, passengers were spoke with had different travel experiences on a day when the airport seize more than hundred thousand passengers coming through it doors. >> came on thanksgiving day, so i think the flights were a little relaxed. >> we had a two-or three-hour delay in phones so we had kids to enter taken. >> 130,000 passengers processing through san francisco international airport. 65,000 of those passengers are cullly coming through the front doors. others are flying in, arriving or flying in and then going back out. >> there were no serious incidents in the air but bay area roads saw their share of trouble. there have been six fatilities on bay area freeways, 25 fay
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tallities statewide so far this holiday weekend. the chp arrested some 224 drivers for dui this weekend so far as well. now back here live at sfo. the airport says if you're planning to travel tonight, you shouldn't expect any delay. every flight seems to be on time. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> ama: the chp is investigating what caused a crash that killed four people, including two children, near mass sirville last night. it happened at 6:30 in the evening in camino. a westbound toyota prius, driven spain francisco man, crossed four lanes of traffic and was hit head on by a minivan. the driver and two passengers in the preuse, and a four-year-old girl in the minivan died. two passengers in the van and a ten-year-old girl the prius were taken to hospitals with minor injuries. twup one-year-old boys in the van were unharmed. >> a father is in custody accused of killing a teenager who was fighting with his son.
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vallejo police say what started as an argument over a girl escalated to a shooting. here's the story. reporter: family members returned in vallejo to see the spot where the 17-year-old had been shot to death. after a party a block or so away. >> i could never picture myself burying my youngest brother. i could never picture that. now i got live with that. you feel me? i have to, and i got move on. and it hurt right now. so bad that don't nobody know, but i'm going to keep it that way. >> relatives identified the victim as 17-year-old gary white, jr., a local high school student hoping to get a college basketball schoomplet just after 3:30 this morning neighbors were awalkenned by a loud argument. >> next thing i know i heard somebody screaming, i couldn't understand what she was saying,
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and next thing i know, you just heard shots fire, at least five -- four to five, six shots. reporter: police say one teenager called his father who returned with a gun. >> one of the combatants contacted a family member in this case, his father. he responded to the area, and was identified by witnesses as being the person responsible for the shooting. reporter: the father. >> correct. reporter: police trookd down 44-year-old randy will expwrums took him into custody. >> we were able to obtain information as to where the individual lived, and we made contact with him and subsequently had him come out of his home and took him into custody without incident. reporter: police are not searching for any other suspects. this is the 21st homicide this year in vallejo. at police headquarters, abc-7 news. >> ama: in oakland two women were shot and killed near
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brookdale just before 6:00 this morning. investigators say they're following several leads but right now do not have motive or suspects. it appears to be random. they have not released the victims' identities. the city is now dealing with 115 homicides this year, five more than all of last year. >> in mountain view, man armed with a shotgun was taken into custody after a seven your standoff. police were called to an apartment building around 3:30 this morning. they ehave gone waited the surrounding area after hearing the suspect had a gun and wanted to kill himself. >> initially started out as a domestic dispute between him and his girlfriend. she left the apartment. and that's how we got the information about him being suicidal and possibly armed with a shotgun. >> richard johnson century reb kerr evidence shortly after: 30, charged with battery. no one was hurt in the standoff. a small plane from novato
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crashed near a soccer field at a southern california university, injuring the man and woman on board. it happened near cal state northridge, faa official says the cessna was on its way to john wayne airport when it lost engine power over the san fernando valley. the pilot tried to reach van nuys airport but made the emergency landing at the university. the two people onboard are in fair condition. a huge holiday weekend for both shoppers and retailers. 247 million shoppers win to stores and visited web sites during the four days, a 21 million person increase over 2011, according to the national retail federal -- federation. retail sales up 6.5 bill from last year. shoppers spent an average $423 per person. up next, cyber monday and expected to be the biggest online shopping day for the third greer a row. lillian kim is live at union
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square with a look ahead at cyber monday. reporter: union square has been a very popular spot these past few days. soon many shoppers will be hitting the web. cyber monday officially begins tomorrow. some retailers have already begun offering special days. psycher monday is expected to be the biggest online shopping day of the year for the third greer a row. a research firm says americans are expected to spend $1.5 billion, up from $1.25 billion last year. experts say while holiday sales at brake and mortar stores are off to an ex-electricity start. says on line or seeing growth. >> a 17% growth shopping this holiday season. how that will go the entire season, not sure, but people are definitely embracing click over
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brick. >> we hate to fight the crowd. >> cyber monday deals started on sunday. so, for, like, computer, camera equipment. >> what kind of deals? >> i got a very nice lens, like, 30% off, 35% off. very nice lens. reporter: the term, cyber monday, was introduced seven years ago when experted noticed a spike in online sales the monday after thanksgiving, but bargain hunters be waer, the cheaper deals may not be on cyber monday. some merchants may hold off until the first week of december for for steeper counts,. >> ama: shoplifting takes a deadly turn. what happened that led to the death of man at wal-mart. >> plus, apple wants to take a bigger bite out of samsung. the changes they're pushing for in their patent lawsuit. >> a big weekend for shoppers and an enbigger weekend at thele
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box office. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. fog might slow the commute down tomorrow morning. storms by the end of our work week.
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>> ama: a georgia man suspected of shoplifting died after being subdued by wal-mart employees. a middle aged man walked out with two dvd players. employees caught him and put the man in a head lock. when the officers arrived the
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man wasn't breathing, employees are trained to disengain with situations that put them at risk. >> apple wants to increase its patent ininfringement suit to samsung. apple wants to include the samsung galaxy note ii. the case is one of two lawsuits by apple against samsung. apple claims sams sung's smart phones inning fringe on apple's patents. same-sex marriage will be front and center this we're. u.s. supreme court justices will hold a closed door meeting to decide if now is the time to rule on same-sex marriage. on friday the court is expected to sift through appeals on the proposition 8 and defense of marriage act. the issue isn't what to decide but when to decide it. >> 'tis the season of giving. the one group who hopes you'll share the holiday spirit. >> the shocking crime that took
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hundreds of thousands of gifts away from some needy kids. >> get ready for another storm. meteorologist leigh glaser has a look at what you can expect. >> mike: i'm mike shumann. raiders quarterback carson palmer returned to cincinnati for the first time being traded and it got ugly.
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>> police in canada recovered hundreds of thousands of toys and box loads of food from the salvation army. the recovery was the successful three month investigation. police found enough stuff to stuff three tractor-trailers. >> officers located toys, personal products, as well.
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items donated to the salvation army, who are dedicated to the investigation, we're doing everything possible to identify who is responsible. >> ama: police believe the theft was an inside job because the goods were moved gradually over two years. the salvation army has fired the executive director of the toronto warehouse. >> the san francisco firefighters annual toy drive is off to a fast start. run wild san francisco is the jump start to the season. runners were asked to donate gifts for needy children, and it's only the beginning of the annual toy drive. >> toy donations can go on all through the next several weeks, and all anybody has to do it just google up, san francisco firefighters toy program, and they'll find a site that shows them where they can drop off toys. >> ama: the san francisco firefighters toy drive has been an annual tradition for the past 63 years. also in san francisco, hot holiday meal for seniors and people with low incomes was
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served. the aquatic park senior center offers companionship and activities. >> people are really grateful. we're always getting so many thankful wishes. we also have volunteers here helping today to serve meals, so people are also giving that way. >> ama: project open hand reminds us there are a lot of hungry, sick, and alone people in our neighborhood. and helping hands can make the difference in shrub's life. >> leigh glaser is here now with a check on the forecast. it's changing. >> leigh: it's changing. by this this time next week, you'll say, make it stop. this morning, dense valley fog, north bay, extending down towards sfo. this is live from the golden gate bridge. you can see visibility reduced to half mile, and mist and drizzle. so we'll have to deal with some fog tomorrow morning as well. the rest of the bay area right now seeing some clear sky.
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live doppler 7hd right now picking up a little bit of the light fog near the golden gate bridge, north bay, east bay. mainly clear conditions. the low cloudiness will return coastside and on the peninsula overnight. right now, 50s, with the exception, napa, 48. we have 46 in livermore. 55, mountain view. 54 in san francisco. here is a look at our forecast, low clouds and fog overnight. dry and cooler temperatures monday, and extending into tuesday, and then by mid-week, that's when the storms will start to move in with heavy rain and also some pretty gusty wind expected across the bay area. let's check out the forecast for tonight. early tomorrow morning. once again the fog not as widespread this morning but nonetheless still in the protected valley areas, north bay, fairfield, delta, and even possibly the peninsula near sfo. so some flights could encounter a few delays tomorrow morning.
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4 for santa rosa overnight, and 51 in san francisco. folks, let's get right to it. storm number one, thickening clouds on tuesday. storm number one you see it here, will start to affect the bay area heading into wednesday. small break, brief break thursday right here, and then storm number two could potentially be the stronger of the series of storm systems, will move in thursday night and friday. here is a look at the timing. remember, it will change as we head through the week, but this is how it looks right now. thickening clouds on tuesday. wednesday, 5:00 a.m., the rain starts to move in check out the heavy rain by 10:00 a.m. wednesday morning, and then we gate little bit of a lull in the action wednesday night. everything lifts, and then thursday night, check out friday morning, 5:00 a.m. yeah, heavy rain. by 3:00 friday afternoon, talking very heavy rain moving
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over the bay area. now, how much? remember, this is just a very early estimate. we can see as much as six inches in extreme north bayment the higher terrain areas between wednesday and friday. four inches elsewhere in the north bay. about two and a half inches near san francisco, lesser amounts down toward peninsula as well as the south bay. remember, the timing of the storm systems will change as we get closer to them. but this gives you a nice heads up on what to expect. highs tomorrow, they come down, high clouds, mid-to-low 50s. we'll see the same toward gilroy and watsonville. watsonville, 64. so, tuesday, we thicken the clouds, the wind picks up. wednesday, storm one, rain, heavy at times. thursday, a brief break. thursday night, friday, storm number two, rain heavy at times. periods of rain on saturday and possibly another storm on sunday, and we'll be here
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tomorrow morning 4:30 for the morning news and you can get an update. >> ama: shu is here with sports. niners looking for a win on the road. >> mike: storm brewing in the 49ers locker room. jim harbaugh decided to start collin kaepernick. i think jim was protecting alex. smith was acted, frustrated, but ready to play. kaepernick got the niners on the board first. his legs part of what makes him so dangerous, and alex knows that. drew brees, finding koleson for the score. 14-7 saints. but brews also threw it to the wrong team. the pick six, 50 yards on the return. niners with the momentum. 14 apiece at the half. niners on a roll early second half. kaepernick to gore, first t.d. catch of the year, that's worth a little dance.
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the niners go up seven. next drive, brees to colson. look at this hit. 49ers, three touchdown in a span of three minutes. they come up with a huge road win,:lynn kaepernick's first. 31-21 your final. >> my teammates have always supported me. they've great. they're a huge reason i have been able too play as well as i have. they've always been behind me, keep working, we'll gate touchdown. >> collin played well, and a tough environment, acquitted himself very well. did a great job with imagining the -- managing the game, calling the game, moving the team in and out of the huddle. >> carson palmer returns to cincinnati for the first time since being traded. heard a few boos. first half, all bengals. what a catch. one of two on the day.
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bengals, 289 in the first half. raiders never quit, dominating the third. carson awful the blitz to moore. 20 yards, threw for 146, one td and a pick. this where is the raiders get jobbed. the ball is stripped, then knocked back inbounds, the raiders scoop and score, but the ref said an inadvertent whistle had blown. should be 24-17, instead bengals ball. next play, false start. houston throws dalton the ground through frustration. started a brawl. benches empty. two players were ejected for oakland. got ugly the rest of the way. raiders lose their fourth straight for the first time since south. falling to 3-8, 34-10 your final. >> a little college football. stanford and ucla will face off in the first pac-12 championship game this friday at stanford. cardinal and bruins squared off
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yesterday in l.a. with stanford winning the first round. stanford rap all over ucla. stepfan taylor, a beast. led the way 1, 42 yards and two touchdowns. the bruins showed off their freshman quarterback, hundley, who looked impressive despite seven standard sacks. david shaw knows it's hard to boat a team two times in a row, especially at the college level and back-to-back weeks, a team he considers very similar to his own. >> both teams play great defense, have run the ball well, have groomed a young quarterback that is athletic, that is still growing and learning, and have earned a spot where they are. ucla was able to beat the team that -- their cross-town rival. we were able to beat the team keeping us out of this position in oregon. >> mike: stanford women hosting long beach state. joss ling tinker led the cardinal with 18.
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bottom of the knight. chiney ogwumike. a double double. never giving up on this bucket. stanford now 6 or with a dominating 77-41 victory. >> hand us the game, hand us the win. so we're fighting, we're clawing, doing everything we can to maintain that title. so if there's anything it motivates us because we are -- our target is growing bigger and bigger, and we want to keep it there. >> mike: men's hoops tonight and more from the 49ers locker room at 9:00 and 11:00. >> ama: just ahead, retailers the only ones thrilled about the thanksgiving holiday weekend, the
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>> ama: join me tonight at
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9:00 on cable 13. we'll find out why nasa's above ground search is not enough on mars. then at 11:00 here, colleges accused of lying. promising students jobs they never get. all at 9:00 and 11:00. hollywood moviemakers are enjoying a recordbreaking weekend at the box office. >> after 18 years of being utterly ordinary, i finally felt -- i was born to be a vampire. >> ama: kristen stewart's final turn as bella in "breaking dawn part 2" was number one. the movie pulled in $64 million during the five-day holiday stretch, racing the domestic total to $227 million. >> the bonded a very ven tier was number two, and the civil war saga, lincoln, was third. it was an all-time high thanksgiving week with $290 million box office receipts
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from wednesday to sunday, topping the previous record of $273 million. that is it for abc-7 news at 6:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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>> right now the biggest movies of 2012! there is nothing wrong in working hard for something right. >> the movies still to come. >> i influenced who i surround myself with. the oscar front one reporters. >> the most excited i have ever been.

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